Powell County Schools

Digital Driver's License

Seniors and Eighth Graders!


You will be completing the Fall 2013 Technology Literacy Assessment at your school. 


The fall “Cumulative DDL Exam” is a practice test in order to provide insight into the new assessment.  After completing the assessment, you will be able to work on your “Digital Driver’s License” throughout the year.  You will need to score 80% in each section to be proficient on this assessment.


To work on the cases (lessons and tutorials) in each section, follow the link and the directions below:  This link is also on the student page on the website.



Log on by entering your school email address, password (4 digit password emailed to you from DDL) and “Student” from the pull down menu.

Click “Work on DDL Cases”.


You will notice a section called “Respect Yourself, Respect Others”.  You may complete this if you wish, it is not required.


Below this section you will see the five different components for the Digital Driver’s License. 

439 – Digital Access, Health, and Wellness

436 – Digital Commerce

441 – Digital Communication, Etiquette, and Security

445 – Digital Law, Rights, and Responsibilities

435 – Digital Media Fluency


Click on each section and complete the “cases” in the order that they are shown to gain important knowledge about each of the elements.


When you have completed one section along with the “Prove-Its” included, you can continue to review the section or proceed to the next section, until you have as many as you like.


You may retake the assessment as many times as you like.  In the spring you will retake “The Cumulative DDL Exam” for the final time.  This score will represent your 2013-2014 Technology Literacy Assessment score.