Powell County Schools

Digital Driver's License

Seniors and Eighth Graders!


You will be taking the 2015 Technology Literacy Assessment.  Follow the directions below to complete the Digital Driver's License "Cumulative DDL Exam":



Go to the Powell County Schools webpage.

Click on “Student”.

Click on “Digital Driver’s License”.

In the top right corner, enter your school email address, your 4-digit password that you received through your school email (if you do not have this, please ask the teacher for assistance), and leave the last field as “student”.  Click “Go!”

When you have entered the site you should notice your name under the main menu.  You have information entered on this page – do not change your advisor for this website - this is not your school advisor but your DDL advisor.

Underneath your name, click on “Work on DDL Cases for License”.

Click on the section “The Cumulative DDL Exam”.

There are five sections on the left of the page.  Click on the 1st section – “Access, Health & Wellness (Prove it)”.

At the top of the worksheet, fill in the semester “Spring” – you must do this for each section. 

Answer each of the questions – there are true/false, multiple choice, open response, and yes/no.

After you have answered each question in this section, click on “Save Changes and submit this assessment”.

Click on “OK” – you can now see the number you have correct and the percentage scored for this section.  You can see your answers but you will not know which questions that you have missed.

Next click on “Commerce (Prove it)” and complete this section – remember to fill in “Spring”.

Next click on “Comm, Etiquette, & Security (Prove it) and complete.

Then click on “Law, Rights, & Responsibility (Prove it) and complete.

Then click on “Media Fluency (Prove it) and complete.

When you have a score in all five sections, you are finished. 

Click on “Return to Main Menu” at the top of the page. 

Click on “Logout”.