Powell County Schools


Michael Tate


Powell County Board of Education Meeting

Superintendent Comments

April 11, 2016


The Reading Celebration was again a HUGE success.  A special THANK YOU to Ms. Lynne Stidham for being the lead person on this major project – SUPER JOB!!!  The Powell County Schools Reading Celebration Committee did a great job of planning and organizing this event.  A special thanks to the staff, students, authors, participants, and sponsors of the 8th annual Reading Celebration.  A special thank you to the two host schools, PCMS and PCHS for hosting this event every year. The Reading Celebration is an event that is organized to honor and recognize those students who achieved top reader status at each school.  The reading celebration is much more than just a celebration of reading.  This event is a showcase for talent from Powell County, not only students but staff and community members being involved in this great event. Without the hard work and dedication of staff, students, and sponsors this event could not take place.  Our community provides great support in recognizing our outstanding students.  Thank You to the board for supporting the Reading Celebration in the budget. A special thank you to Board Member Kim Hall for attending the Reading Celebration.

Currently the last day for students for the 2015-2016 school year will be May 25. I have given the Board Members tentative dates of year end activities and programs for each school.  Those dates will be sent out to parents and others once they are all finalized.  

Please visit the following sites for detailed information on data for Powell County Schools:

Powell County CDIP:  http://www.powell.kyschools.us/docs/District%201516%20CDIP.pdf

Tell Survey:    http://www.tellkentucky.org/results

Kentucky School Report Cards:  http://applications.education.ky.gov/SRC/

Powell County Online Manual: http://policy.ksba.org/Chapter.aspx?distid=111

Lastly, it was with a heavy heart that I speak to you about Mrs. Joyce Hall.  Mrs. Hall was a vital team member of Stanton Elementary.  We could all say that she was “All About the Kids” at Stanton Elementary as well as all the students and families of Powell County.  Mrs. Hall helped and reached out to so many students and families over the years.  Powell County Schools has lost a very special person.  She will be greatly missed by district staff as well as the community.  My thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Gary Hall, Mrs. Kim Hall, one of our board members, her husband Keith as well as the rest of Mrs. Joyce Hall’s family. 


Michael Tate