Powell County Schools

Superintendent's Message

Michael Tate
January 14, 2013
Powell County Board of Education Meeting
Superintendent Comments
School Safety:
            The tragic events that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut have really brought into focus the safety of our students. A refocus on school safety must and will be a top priority for the Powell County School System as we move forward in addressing and meeting students’ needs. We no longer live in the 1970’s or 1980’s when we knew school was a joyful experience, students being able to spend the day enjoying recess outside without worry and learning along with fellow classmates without the thoughts of someone committing a horrendous crime against them. As a district we will continue to review and revisit everything we do to provide safety at our schools. In the future we will invest in addressing safety and any issues/concerns at each individual school and also from the district level. Each school will implement the important practices each year on such things as lock down drills, fire, tornado and other natural disasters, bomb threat drills and chemical spills.
            In regards to school safety and what we have now, our district is very lucky to have two of our own SRO’s in the district. We will be exploring the issue of possibly having more law enforcement officers in the district that can serve our schools and events.
            What’s next?
·         Review and revisit the issue of investing in updated video cameras and security systems
·         Review and revise check in and check out procedures across the district
·         Review the future possibilities of installing electronic access control systems
·         Replace hardware at all schools (doors, keys, windows, window shades, etc.)
·         Continue to be proactive with evaluations of policy and procedures related to the school safety including crisis plans and safety measures.
·         Open forums with school staff, community, outside agencies and law enforcement having open dialogue on addressing school safety needs
·         Continue to follow recommendations from Kentucky Center for Safe Schools under the direction of John Akers
·         Network radio system
School safety has always been a concern and focus. As we move forward, the focus in not only on school safety but the greater effort of targeting violence within our schools, now coming into our district and community.