Powell County Middle School


Digital Stories--all created with PhotoStory

Barking to Missouri King's Island Naruto The Spider
When I Got My Braces      

Pirate Service Announcements
Scratchemabobah Infomercial--just for fun!


 Drug Awareness Ppt.                   Anti-Drug PSA Videos                                Other PSA's
Cocaine Steroids Drug Video -
Green Screen
Global Warming
Tobacco Don't Do Drugs Just Say No Global Warming II
Crystal Meth Drug PSA Anti Drug PSA The Book
Marijuana Say No Don't Use Drugs The Importance of Reading
  No to Drugs PSA   Bullying Bites
 I Love YouIn creating this music, I had an friend assist me in writing the lyrics while I composed the music.  I sang and played my guitar while recording using a microphone and computer.  Finally, we adjusted the volume using audacity software.  Everything is my original creation--Z.F.
* First Place in State Competition 2012
                                              "Snuggles"  --2nd in state 2011                                           

Best Graphic Photo

"Kiss the Sky"
*Edited with picnik -- honorable mention at state 2012 


Learn content the fun way with our PirateCasts!  Or enjoy our digital stories.  All were written and created completely by students.  You may need the latest dowload of Windows Media Player to play them.  Enjoy!

All were created using Microsoft Photostory.
Adding Integers Journey to the Center of a Cell Multiplying Integers Periodic Table
 The Mohawk Indians Ecology Part I  Ecology Part II Biotic & Abiotic Lesson 
 How to Make a Closed Circuit  A Cell is Like a School Comma, Dashes & Elipses Lesson   Energy Lesson

Digital Stories
All were created using Microsoft Photostory.
The Holiday Central Caper The Fox and the Berries The Famous Pizzaria The Three Sisters and the Prince
The Cheerleader  The Perfect Recipe  Bob  Home Remedies 
 Birthday Suprise Freddie the Deer   Dan the Dinosaur  The Baby Skunk
The Hurt Monkey   Missing Miranda  Bunny Kisses True Colors 
Icky Iggie   Lake Freeland  Love on Drugs  

Book Review Podcasts
Click on the title of the book to listen to a student tell you about it!
 The Time Capsule Coraline Hunger Games #1 Hunger Games #2
Lightning Thief My Sister's Keeper Sounder The Fire Within
The Uglies Twilight  Sonny's House of Spies Outsiders 
Catching Fire
Catching Fire #2  Diary of a Wimpy Kid
 The Graveyard Book  A Horse of Her Own  Mockingjay  Angels Watching Over Me
 Breaking Dawn  Stargirl  Speak  Semi-Precious
 The Blind Side:  Evolution of a Game Baby Alicia Is Dying    Rules  Sounder
 Sounder #2