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Tammy M. Cole
School Counselor
Stanton Elementary School
phone:  606-663-3311 ext 515
Fax:  606-663-3305

I have been an educator for 26+ years.  I began my career as a substitute teacher, then I became a classroom assistant, a classroom teacher and I am beginning my 20th  year as the school counselor at Stanton Elementary.

I hope this website provides some helpful information for you.
Part of my job includes classroom guidance. When the students visit my classroom, I teach character education, acceptance of differences, life skills, and other appropriate content. My lessons come from the Second Steps Curriculum that helps teach students about Empathy, Impulse Control, and Anger Management.   I begin the year teaching 3rd-5th Grade students from the Bully Prevention Curriculum and I will finish the year with a Career Introduction.  Kindergarten-2nd Grade will learn about different careers, character education,  and manners.
I also do individual counseling upon referral from a staff member or parent. Each of the students knows that I am available if they need me for any reason. I also do referrals for outside services: Impact, Impact Plus, Comprehensive Care, Crisis Intervention Team, etc.
Another part of my job is taking care of health records. It is required by the state that accurate and up-to-date health records be in each students’ cumulative records. If your child does not have records on file I will…
 1st send a written notice home of what is needed in your child’s file.
 2nd call and inform you of what is needed on your child’s file.
3rd report to appropriate agencies as required.
See the  link for more information.

I also serve as one of the chairs for the Admissions and Release Committee (ARC).
I have many other responsibilities within the school but my major responsibility is the students’ welfare. I welcome parental input and involvement. If for any reason you need to speak with me you may call the school at 663-3311 and make an appointment or leave a message if I am not available at the moment.

Stanton Elementary

School Guidance Schedule

                      Mondays                                    Tuesdays                         Wednesdays

1st Grade

9:50-10:30     Carter                                         Hess                             

2nd Grade

11:05-11:45  Marcum                                       Billings                                  Barnett


11:45-12:25   Gillispie                                          Hall

3rd Grade

12:40-1:20    Adams                                       Hatton                               Pelfrey

4th Grade

1:20-2:00   Mays                                          Merriman                                    Pelfrey

5th Grade

2:00-2:40   Cline                                              Ewen                                Townsend


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