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Jamie Wells Ewen
Language Arts, Reading & Writing
5th Grade Teacher
Stanton Elementary 


The 2019-2020 school year is my 26th year of teaching. I am very excited about this school year as I have come to realize how much I learn each year from my students. You are NEVER too old or too smart to learn. Learning and growing with my students fosters an engaging environment where everyone has the opportunity to share their ideas. In my classroom it is evident that I believe together students and teachers create an engaging learning environment.   

I am happily married and have two boys. As a family we enjoy going to church, taking trips to the lake, fishing, and of course with three guys in the house I must include hunting. I do enjoy shopping, reading every spare minute I can find, and spending time with my extended family.

A book I would like to suggest for parents to read is "Working It Out" by Abby Rike. She endured the most profound loss and through her faith and the help of her family she has been able to meet the day to day challenges of overwhelming grief.

I am also a fan of music and I would love to encourage you and your family to enjoy the radio station K-LOVE. I find this station extremely inspirational. I LOVE it. The devotionals and messages they share daily are great for the soul. Listen, enjoy and may God bless you through the ministry of music.

Love, prayers and blessings,

Mrs. Ewen




5th Grade Spelling

Week of August 20-August 24



1. according   

2. based  

3. infer  

4. text

5. passage

6. opinion

7. atlas

8. almanac

9. setting

10. plot

11. non-fiction        

12. fiction

13. justify

14. prove  

15. theme

16. lesson   

17. solution

18. reference  

19. conflict    

20. dictionary     


“I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” – Thomas Jefferson



BONUS: HINT:_____________________  What type of sentence is this?         



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