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School Messenger Information

School Messenger is the company we use to send information to parents and staff by phone calls, texts, and e-mail.  We obtain written consent for phone message services when students enroll, but if at any time you wish to no longer receive calls or texts you may notify the school staff or central office staff who can assist you in getting your numbers removed.

If you choose not to receive messages you will not receive any calls, texts, or e-mails from School Messenger that pertain to school closings, delays, early dismissals, parent conferences, report cards, or any other information about activities your child may want to participate in.  

In order to make an informed decision on what you would like to do, we have created this page with information regarding School Messenger and some choices you have. 

School Messenger Info Center

Info Center is an app you can download to your iPhone, iPad, or device that uses Google Play that will allow you to select your preferences to School Messenger.  You can also log in to: to create an account and set up your preferences on a computer.  In order to log in, your e-mail address will have to be on file with the district and entered into our student information system, Infinite Campus.  If we don't have your e-mail on file or it is not correct, please send an e-mail with your e-mail address typed correctly in the body of your message to Sarah Wasson and we will get it updated.  It will be active the day after the new address is submitted.  We are attaching a two page document regarding setting up Info Center in case you have questions.  Click here to review this document.

Each parent/guardian or staff member will be able to select their own preferences per phone number or e-mail on file.  If two or more people share the same number, for example a mom and dad who have the same home phone number, both people will have to work together to set their preferences the same or one person's options may over-ride the other.

Message Types

General Messages- General messages are informational in nature.  This could be a message about a parent/teacher night, PTA meeting, event announcement or reminder, or reminder about an activity your child could participate in.  General messages can be sent by principals/designees at schools that are particular to a child you have in one school, or it could be a message sent district wide that pertains to a wider range of children.

Attendance Messages- Attendance messages are sent to notify parents that, according to our records, your child is not in school.  Our attendance clerks do their best to make sure that students are actually not in the building before these messages go out, however, every now and then one or more teachers inaccurately take their attendance and calls go out.  When this happens, we will investigate why the error occured and do our best to fix the problem.  If you do not want an attendance call to go out, you can call the school before 9:30 a.m. and let the attendance clerk know your child will not be in school that day.  A special code will be entered in their attendance record and no call will go out.

We also send out attendance calls in the afternoon to remind you that a personal excuse was used and you will have 10 school days to submit another valid written excuse.  We do this so parents are aware that a personal excuse was automatically entered.  If you use your 6th and final personal excuse, a message lets you know they are all used.  If a valid written excuse is not submitted within 10 school days the personal excuses will remain in the computer.

Emergency Messages- Emergency messages are messages regarding school closings, early dismissals, delays, and any type of information that we determine is critical in nature to reach as many guardians as possible.  Emergency calls and messages are rarely used outside of school closings, but if an emergency arises we will use this calling type.  Non-School Hours Emergency Messages are emergency messages made outside the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. 

Surveys- While School Messenger allows us the opportunity to send surveys, we have not used this feature to date and do not currently plan on doing so.


In order to be able to receive texts, we must have your cell phone number on file in our student information system.  Once your number is in Infinite Campus, you will receive a one time message asking if you want to opt in to texting.  If you type "YES" back to this request, you will be able to receive texts.  You may also opt in to receive texts by texting "YES" to the number 67587.  Only parents, guardians, and staff can receive calls and texts and your number must be on file in Infinite Campus.  Texting to opt in on a number that is not on file with us will NOT receive a text.

Outside Organization Messages

Our messaging system is designed for school business.  However, when an outside organization has an event or information that would benefit a large population of the students in Powell County, we will be happy to make a call or send a message to support the organization.  Such examples might include soccer or baseball leagues, community activities for our children and families, etc.  We ask that one person in charge of the event or activity e-mail Tiffany Anderson and write out the exact message that is desired.  Include date, time, location, and who the targeted audience is.  We can narrow messages down to go out to specifice grade levels and genders.  We will send out only one message per event, so also include the best date that you would like the message to be sent.  This should be close enough to the event that parents won't forget about it and far enough out for parents to make plans.  Usually two to three days in advance is a good rule of thumb.  We need notification of the request to send the message a day or so ahead of when you want the message to go out.  The reason we only send one message per event is we want our parents to know that every message is something they may need and if they are receiveing multiple messages on the same event they may begin to not listen.

Updated January 15, 2018

Additional Info

Parent/Guardian Permission Form

If you have not signed a parent/guardian permission form and want to be included in messages for your child, print this form and submit it to your child's school.  You may also fax the form to 606-663-3303 with a copy of your driver's license to verify it is the parent/guardian submitting the form or e-mail it and a driver's license copy to Sarah Wasson .

Info Center Parent Information Guide

This form provides you with information on setting up your Info Center Account.

You can use this link to set up your preferences if you don't have an iPhone, iPad, or device that uses Google Play

District Guidelines for Sending School Messages

We attempt to follow the attached guidelines for sending school messages so parents are not overloaded with information but get the important information they need.  We may occasionally send a message outside of these guidelines.