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Tiffany Anderson Director of Federal Programs

Tiffany Anderson

Federal Programs Coordinator

Title I Part A



Michelle Johnson

Federal Programs Account Clerk


Title I, Part A is designed to help disadvantaged children reach high academic standards. Bowen Elementary, Clay City Elementary, Stanton Elementary, and Powell County Middle School receive Title I, Part A funds that operate a school wide program. The school wide program assures that the ten components are being covered. The ten components consist of the following:


  1. Needs assessment covering whole school
  2. School wide reform strategies
  3. Instruction by highly qualified teachers
  4. Professional development
  5. Strategies to attract highly qualified teachers
  6. Parent involvement
  7. Assisting in transition
  8. Measures to include teachers in decisions
  9. Activities to ensure that students meet state standards
  10. Coordination and integration of programs

For more specific information regarding Title I services provided in the schools, please contact the Title I coordinator or your school's principal. More resources can be found via the resource links on the right side of this page.