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Bus Routes

Last Updated: 4/10/2019 8:47 PM


  Printable Alphabetical List of Roads -Roads in red are side roads.  Students must walk out to the main road to meet the bus.            04-10-19
    Printable Route List- For roads that are not run on Plan B days or that students must walk out to a main road, please click on the Printable Route List.           04-01-19
    Bus Loading Schedule                            04-01-19

For maps of each route, click on the bus number.  Maps are not intended to be every road that a bus picks up.  They show the main route that a bus runs.

Solid Line- Bus picks up along this part of the road.

Curvy Line- Students from that road meet the bus at the main road.

Dots- The bus travels the road in this area but does not pick up students.

All routes are subject to change at any time.

Bus Number Driver Main Roads of the Route
0122 Krystal Torres Manning Rd.,Bakers Estates, Natural Bridge Rd.,Nada Tunnel Rd.,From Campton Rd to Wolfe Co.Line (6745 and up).
0529 Bonnie Boyd Sand Lick, South Fork Rd, Hall Hill Rd.,  Cow Creek, Campton Rd-Van Village to Pooh & Pals H.S. And M.S only 1278-1580) and Campton Rd addresses 6260-6744 all kids)Campton Rd. to Bowen Elementary (5100-6190)
0834 Vicki King High Rock Rd., Pilot Rd.,Cat Creek-address 1081 and up(from above James Crowe Hollow towards High Rock,) Campton Rd. from Bowen Elem. to Cat Creek (3164-4871).Halls Branch Rd,
2 Tina Bryant Pecks Ck, Mill Knob, Cat Creekup addresses 1-1080,  James Crowe Hollow , HWY 15-Rosslyn(Pecks Ck to Cat Creek addresses 2535-3163), Conlee Lane,  and HWY 15 from Ace Hardware to HWY 213 for PCHS &PCMS only (35-330).North Fork Road,
0840 Betty West Cane Creek, Upper and Lower Cane Ck., Helton Hollow, Pumpkin Hollow Cane Creek Mountain
12 Earnie Smallwood Derickson Lane, Wilda Lane,  Airport Rd.    East College Ave. from Ewen St. to before Pooh & Pals (370-1268) [Ewen St to Pooh-nPals,( HS & MS students 1st Run, BES 2nd Run) Pooh &Pal to Van Village BES only Addresses 1278-1580],,
07 Sue Townsend Hatton Creek, Allen Acres,Caudill Rd., Morton Hollow, Hart Orchard Rd, Pendelton St, Bradley Court,  Stanton Rd.,Vine St (behind Dairy Queen), Steam Shovel, Elkins Street,[  Pooh & Pals (SES only) and Ewen St to HWY 213(Addresses 35-330 Elem. Student Only)], [Railroad, Powell Village, Brookside ,Promenade Ave.,Molly B Street (AM Only)(Elementary  Only)]  
0123 Billy Puckett High Rock Rd.from Pilot Rd. North, Furnace Rd., Bishop Rd., Mountain Springs Rd.,Harts Orchard Rd(Upper- Hatton Creek School Rd)., Nolan Lane,  HWY 213 to Bright Street Dollar General Side AM/Rite Aide Side PM (30-315), Bright St, (PM Only- HS & MS to Logan Ln, Magnolia area off Maple.)
14 Winfred Hughes Morris Creek Rd. from foot of mountain to Boone Creek (1745 on up), Upper Paint Ck., Courtney Lane, Paint Ck, Thorpe Ridge Rd., George Drake Rd,  Roberts Rd,(AngelsDayCare),Court St. To Bright St (331-488) and HWY 213 to Bright Street Dollar General Side PM/Rite Aide Side AM (30-315), . Rite-Aid Side, W. College Ave to Washington St.
18 Glenda Snowden Pine View Estates, Morris Creek Rd. (Addresses 1412-1744 and Lil' Angels Daycare in PM only),Boone Ck., Maple St. to Red River Ranch including-, Logan Lane, Magnolia St. (ALL in AM but Elem Only in PM), and other side roads, Holman Dr., Nolan Court , Halls Lane, Pine Creek   , [West College Ave from HS to Washington St,Strange Street ,to the end of Washington Street]
5 Greg Webb North Bend Rd. from Rosslyn to 213, Hatcher's Cr., Upper Hatcher's Cr, Lower Hatcher's Cr., Smallwood Hollow, Main St. Stanton Morris Cr. Bridge to Court St (Addresses 518-842), Court St.(Breckinridge SES, HS&MS Kids from SES to HS/MS,[Breckinridge St and Railroad (HS/MS AM&PM)(Elem PM only except Promenade &Brookside)].Pine Creek Apt. HS/MS PM Only.
0124 Robert Anderson Frames Branch, Spout Springs addresses 100-1600(Happy Top to Hardwich's Creek), 9th Ave addresses 125 to 350, 8th Ave addresses 147 to 240, , 10th Street, HWY 15 from Happy Hearts to High School (Addresses 2602-3095), Angel Dr, SES [Promenade St.,Brookside-Elementary & PM Only)]
4 Shannon Willoughby Little Hardwicks Ck,  Abney Holow, Estes Rd, Nolan Circle,11th St, ( 8th Ave. addresses 34 to 104, 9th Ave. addresses 125 to 230-  Elem. in Bottoms (1st St-3rd St & 1st Ave-5th Ave.)
9919 Wilma Willoughby Lone Oak Rd., Daniels Branch,El Way, LinWay,Neal Silva, Big Hardwicks Ck. from Furnace to 12th St, All Students on 12th St., Potts Trailer Park, Howell Ln, Childers Ave,
0630 Terry Carpenter Pompeii Rd.,Brack Blythe Rd,Echo Hollow ,Natalie Ct, Popular Bluff  Beechfork Rd., Woody Ware Rd.,Shilo Rd, Ashley Hollow, Fife Lick Rd., Beechfork Estates.
0835 Annette McDaniel Skinner Hollow, Fallen Rd.,Smith Hollow Road., Lofty Heights,Ships Branch, and Faulkner Branch .Black Creek., Stokely Loop, Holiday Hills,.
0839 Danny Griffett Irvine Rd (89) from Estill Co. to Powell Road (Adresses 1190-2075),,  Spout Springs from 82 to Happy Top(Route 2001) address 40-2088 and 1601-1980 before Happy Top, Powell Rd, Spencer Lane, Happy Top Rd,  Childers Rd. Pasley Rd, Len Dr., Eddie Ridge Rd, Cody Ln, Kristin Drive, Alexandria Dr., Powell Rd, Spencer Rd,
0836 Mary Morton Blue Bird, Lake Neomia, Jones Rd., Oak Ridge Rd., Tug Branch, Forge Mill Rd., Irvine Road from Forge Mill to Evermans Texaco (60-840).,  Powell Valley Rd will walk down to catch bus on Route 82 ,Adams Ridge
0427 Rhoda Huff Hidden Valley Rd., Curtis Ln,Winchester Rd. addresses 8697 down to Hwy 82),  Virden Springs, HWY 15/Main St from Easy Stop to Clay City Elem (4980-5226), RiverView Dr. Bottoms- HS & MS Only
0838 Shirley Brandenburg Old Winchester Rd., Winchester Rd. address 8698 up,  Turley Rd.,Copperas Ck., Brush Ck., Little Brush Ck,Wells Lane,Mill Stone Rd.,   HWY 15/Main St from Clay City Elem to Danny Boys HS and MS Only (3760-4878).Happy Hearts for MS & HS Only
0833 Diane Patrick Snow Creek, Stone Rd, Shuler Rd., HWY 15/Main St from Clay City Elem to Danny Boys Elem Only (3760-4878)- (Happy Hearts AM & PM), 10th Ave.,  7th Ave from 10th St to  HWY 15 all students.
0631 Mike Manning Virden Ridge,  West Lone Oak,Ben Alley, Tori Ann Dr, Tammy Ln, Sky View Dr,Poe Rd,Red oak Rd, Miller Rd, Red Bird Lane,, HWY 15/Main St from Parkway to Easy Stop. (5227-5860)
9 Kevin Morton Special Needs Bus (County)
81 Ann Baker Special Needs Bus (County)
1606 Myra Goodwin Special Needs Bus (County)
3 Jeannie Tipton Special Needs Bus (County)