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CTE - Teaching and Learning

Last Updated: 7/25/2019 9:17 PM


Teaching and Learning pathway focuses on the general theory and practice of learning and teaching, the basic principles of educational psychology, the art of teaching, the planning and administration of educational activities, school safety and health issues, and the social foundations of education.  Students can also participate in the student organization for the Future Educator pathway  called Educators Rising.



The Learning Community (9)
The Learner-Centered Classroom (9-10)
The Professional Educator (11)
Collaborative Clinical Experience  (12)

Students must take all four courses to complete the TEACHING AND LEARNING career major.  Upon completing three credits, students will take the Teaching and Learning Industry Certification . EOP assesses a students' employability and occupational specific skills.   Students may intern their senior year once they have completed all four courses or have obtained three credits and are scheduled in their capstone class -Collaborative Clinical Experience.  Students must maintain a "B" average, have good attendance, and be approved by the teacher and assistant principal. Although the student is not compensated for the work done through the internship, it provides valuable hands-on work experience in a supervised setting.


Powell County Schools Non Discrimination Policy