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High Five Attendance Club

High Five Attendance Club

The "High Five Attendance Club" is a way to recognize our students for great attendance.  While we would love to see every child in the district reach perfect attendance for the year, we realize sometimes that is not possible.  Therefore, our district recognizes the efforts of students who have 5 or fewer absences throughout the school year.  In order to be part of the club, all absences must be excused with either a parent, doctor, funeral, or other excuse as outlined in our Code of Conduct.  Students may have tardies and still be in the club.  All tardies must also be excused.

How can your child be in the High Five Club?

  • Come to school!!  We love having our students in our classrooms and know that coming to school is the only way to ensure a successful year.
  • Schedule all doctors appointments near the end or beginning of the day so your children are only tardy and not absent.  If they have an early doctor's appointment, get them back to school as soon as possible.
  • Send in excuses every time your child is either tardy or absent.


Absence Excuses

Personal excuses are automatically entered for students when a doctor's note or other written note is not submitted.  Students attending the Powell County Schools the entire school year will have up to 6 personal excuses for absences and 6 personal excuses for tardies.  Students who come to the Powell County Schools after the first 6 weeks shall have the number of excuses per remaining 6 weeks.  For example, if a student enrolled during the 3rd grading term, the student will have 4 personal excuses.  Parent notes and personal excuses used in former school districts are carried over into the count for the Powell County Schools.

All written doctor's notes, funeral notes, etc. that students have need to be submitted no later than 10 days after the date of the excused absence.  Excuses submitted after this 10 day period will not be recorded as excused absences.