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Buildings and Grounds

Doug Brewer 
Buildings and Grounds Director



Mission Statement:

The Powell County School District believes that our school buildings should be clean, safe and efficient in order to serve the needs of the students as a fundamental tool for learning.


The Facility Department has three main focuses: school construction and renovation, buildings and grounds, and energy management. All of our school construction/renovation projects focus on high performance features, student involvement, and life cycle costing. They are designed with leading edge technologies to enhance the learning environment, reduce energy consumption, and reduce long term maintenance costs. 

The Facility department is dedicated to providing the Students, Staff, and Community of Powell County inviting, safe, and well maintained facilities in which to learn. The Facility Department is responsible for the maintenance and safety of 16 buildings with more than 450,000 sq/ft as well as grounds covering more that 1 million square feet. 

Energy management is a critical component of the Powell County School District’s mission and vision to prepare students for the global workplace and market.  In partnership with ENERGY STAR, KEEPS, and KY NEED our 6 schools will analyze, track, and benchmark energy performance in order to reduce energy consumption.


The Powell County School District wishes to extend beyond the classroom. The Facilities Department not only builds and maintains school buildings, it strives to conserve energy, protect the environment and develop students who have a lifelong commitment to sustainability and sound environmental practices. 

Maintenance Staff

 Jamie Craft 
 Buildings and Grounds Supervisor


Scotty Hatton


Stevie Todd


Glenna Gentry-Blythe



Bowen Elementary: Glen "Bubby" Fugate (Head), Belinda Collins

Clay City Elementary; John Watkins (Head), Danny McIntosh, Tommy Howell

Stanton Elementary: Lisa Bradshaw (Head), Chris Roberts

Powell County Middle School: Jane Dennis (Head), Timmy Combs, Mona Norman

Powell County High School: Pat Walker (Head), Tom Walker, Jeff Townsend, Lloyd Todd