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English Second Language Program

The Powell County School District is committed to meeting the needs of every student. The primary goal of the district's English as a Second Language Program (EL) is to assist students in becoming English proficient in reading, writing, speaking, and listening to the English language as quickly as possible.

The EL program is designed to assist students with limited or no English proficiency by providing special resources, appropriate strategies and outlined educational plan so students can have every opportunity to be socially and academically successful. This program is not at all intended to replace a student's culture or language. Usually, if the classroom teacher is agreeable, and time permits, our EL assistant will teach the class about the language that ESL student speaks so that it is a pleasant cultural learning experience for everyone. The EL student becomes a valued asset to the classroom.

Our EL program ensures that parents and guardians become involved with their child's education by making home visits as needed to explain new programs being implemented in the school system and to hear parent concerns. Our EL assistant attends Parent/Teacher conferences, ARC meetings, and PSP meetings to interpret as needed.

Classroom newsletters and notes from teachers are translated into the students native language to ensure parents have knowledge of activities in the classroom and how to assist their children in the educational process.

Also, our program provides translation to doctor visits; offices and other local community agencies as needed for the children and parents of our EL students.

For more information regarding EL, please contact Michelle Ashcraft, EL Coordinator or Misty Gomez, EL Assistant at 663-3300.