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Tiffany Anderson, SBDM Coordinator
Tiffany Anderson
District Program Coordinator: SBDM 

 School-Based Decision Making (SBDM) Councils were introduced in Kentucky in 1990 after the Kentucky General Assembly passed the Kentucky Education Reform Act. SBDM Councils are designed to promote shared leadership among the various parties who are close to students. SBDM Council memberships include parents, teachers and an administrator of the school. The SBDM Council has the responsibility of setting policies and making decisions outlined in statute so as to provide an environment that will enhance student achievement.

SBDM Councils are built upon the idea that shared decision-making will result in a greater commitment to the implementation of decisions that will enhance the achievement of students. Schools facilitate annual elections to determine the members of the council.

Parents who are interested in serving on the School-Based Decision Making Council for their child's school are encouraged to speak to the school principal about the timing of upcoming elections.


School SBDM Councils 

Powell County High School SBDM Council

Powell County Middle School SBDM Council

Stanton Elementary School SBDM Council

Clay City Elementary School SBDM Council

Bowen Elementary School SBDM Council