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Each night your child will be bringing home their homework folder.  It is to be returned every day.  Homework will consist of practicing the alphabet letters and their sounds or spelling words as well as reading 15 minutes.  Please make sure that your child completes their homework every night.  Use the monthly reading log to record the titles you read with your child each night.  The person reading to/or with the child should sign their name by the title.  Your child has also been given a list of sight words.  Try practicing a few words every evening.  Take about 5 minutes or so to go over them.  The list needs to stay in their notebook at all times so we can practice them at school also.  Every week I will check to see if your child knows any of the words.  When your child is able to recognize all of the words on the list, then I will provide them with a new list.

            Most importantly, please make sure this is an enjoyable time for your child, as I want “homework” to be a good experience!