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3rd Period Social Studies  

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  • SyllabusSyllabus

    Prerequisites for course:

    • Successful completion of 6th grade Social Studies content


    Topics that will be covered; in order of study:

    • Geography
    • Historical Thinking/Perspective
    • Early Human Societies
    • Persia
    • Ancient Egypt
    • Ancient India
    • Ancient China
    • Ancient Greece
    • Ancient Rome
    • Middle Ages


    Resources utilized:

    • Textbook, World History,  by Holt/McDougal
    • Various other resources will be utilized throughout the course to cover all topics



    • Testing will be completed upon completion of each unit


    Performance Standards and Expectations:

    • All standards and expectations for the course can be found on teacher webpage
      • Go to PCMS homepage
      • Click on Schools, then PCMS
      • On left click on “Teacher websites”
      • Click on “Allen, Jamie”












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