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Powell County Board of Education Meeting- February 22, 2023

Highlights of the February 22, 2023 Powell County Board of Education Meeting

  • Students from our FFA made a short presentation on what FFA has done for them in honor of National FFA week.
  • An agreement with Partners for Rural Impact was approved that will place a person in each school to support community involvement.
  • We heard a presentation from Dwight Salsbury with RSA Advisors regarding our current bonding potential.  At this time, we could issue a bond sale in the amount of $27,390,000.  This bonding potential would allow us to move forward with the building of the new Stanton Elementary School.  
  • Kenny Stanfield with Sherman, Carter, Barnhart architects presented the revised BG-1 that will be submitted to the Kentucky Department of Education outlining our funds that would allow for the building of Stanton Elementary.  The Board approved the BG-1 which allows Sherman, Carter, Barnhart to move forward with their final plan revisions and preparation of a bid package.  This work should be completed within a timeframe of approximately 3 months.  We will then determine if it will be good to go out for bids or if we need to wait on additional funding.
  • The facility Local Planning Committee was approved after a revision of adding an additional high school teacher to the committee and removing an elementary teacher.  This brings the balance of staff represented to a level that KDE will approve.
  • The Board policy revision on volunteers had the first reading.  This revision clarifies who will pay for background checks and is the start to getting a solid process in place for volunteering in the schools.
  • A new staffing allocation procedure was approved.
  • A new procedure that specifies a process for use if instructional materials are challenged was approved.
  • The Board approved to purchase the service from K & K Insurance for student accident coverage.  It is a secondary plan to the student's health insurance.
  • The principals from Stanton Elementary, Bowen Elementary, and the Powell County High School presented their Continuous Improvement Plans for the schools.  Data and presentations are included in the Board materials.