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Tiffany Anderson Director of Federal Programs

Tiffany Anderson

District Program Coordinator: Title I Part A


Title I, Part A is designed to help disadvantaged children reach high academic standards. Bowen Elementary, Clay City Elementary, Stanton Elementary, and Powell County Middle School receive Title I, Part A funds that operate a school wide program. The school wide program assures that the ten components are being covered. The ten components consist of the following:

  • Needs assessment covering whole school
  • School wide reform strategies
  • Instruction by highly qualified teachers
  • Professional development
  • Strategies to attract highly qualified teachers
  • Parent involvement
  • Assisting in transition
  • Measures to include teachers in decisions
  • Activities to ensure that students meet state standards
  • Coordination and integration of programs

For more specific information regarding Title I services provided in the schools, please contact the Title I coordinator or your school's principal. More resources can be found via the resource links on the right side of this page.