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Now Accepting Applications for School Coordinator Positions To Connect Schools and Community

Job Applications are now being accepted for School Coordinators to help us connect the schools and community.  These positions are funded from a grant in collaboration with the Partners for Rural Impact.

Partners for Rural Impact’s (PRI) ultimate goal is for an America where all kids are successful, regardless of zip code, income, background, or ability.  At PRI, our focus is on ensuring that all children in rural places achieve success. Partners for Rural Impact was born out of our place-based partnership in Appalachia, where we’ve worked for 25 years to create student opportunity and success.

PRI was recently awarded the Full-Service Community School grant from the U.S. Department of Education and is seeking a motivated School Coordinator to support the coordination, integration, accessibility, and effectiveness of services for children and families within Letcher and Jenkins. 

Position Summary

This is a key full-time, grant-funded position for Partners for Rural Impact and the “Full-Service Community Schools (FSCS) Initiative.” Reporting to the FSCS Project Director, the School Coordinator will work closely with partners and school systems to ensure stakeholders are adequately informed of FSCS activities and services, watching for duplication of services. The School Coordinator will engage in joint planning that entails a full-time commitment and ensures the program is supporting the four FSCS pillars: 1) holistic integrated student supports; 2) expanded, enriched learning time and opportunities from cradle to career; 3) family and community engagement; 4) collaborative leadership and practices. The School Coordinator is charged with coordinating academic, social, and health services through partnerships between a) public elementary and secondary schools; b) the schools’ local educational agencies (LEAs); and c) community-based organizations, nonprofit organizations, and other public or private entities. The School Coordinator will work to achieve the result All Rural Students Succeed.



Powell County Board of Education Meeting- February 22, 2023

Highlights of the February 22, 2023 Powell County Board of Education Meeting

  • Students from our FFA made a short presentation on what FFA has done for them in honor of National FFA week.
  • An agreement with Partners for Rural Impact was approved that will place a person in each school to support community involvement.
  • We heard a presentation from Dwight Salsbury with RSA Advisors regarding our current bonding potential.  At this time, we could issue a bond sale in the amount of $27,390,000.  This bonding potential would allow us to move forward with the building of the new Stanton Elementary School.  
  • Kenny Stanfield with Sherman, Carter, Barnhart architects presented the revised BG-1 that will be submitted to the Kentucky Department of Education outlining our funds that would allow for the building of Stanton Elementary.  The Board approved the BG-1 which allows Sherman, Carter, Barnhart to move forward with their final plan revisions and preparation of a bid package.  This work should be completed within a timeframe of approximately 3 months.  We will then determine if it will be good to go out for bids or if we need to wait on additional funding.
  • The facility Local Planning Committee was approved after a revision of adding an additional high school teacher to the committee and removing an elementary teacher.  This brings the balance of staff represented to a level that KDE will approve.
  • The Board policy revision on volunteers had the first reading.  This revision clarifies who will pay for background checks and is the start to getting a solid process in place for volunteering in the schools.
  • A new staffing allocation procedure was approved.
  • A new procedure that specifies a process for use if instructional materials are challenged was approved.
  • The Board approved to purchase the service from K & K Insurance for student accident coverage.  It is a secondary plan to the student's health insurance.
  • The principals from Stanton Elementary, Bowen Elementary, and the Powell County High School presented their Continuous Improvement Plans for the schools.  Data and presentations are included in the Board materials.
23-24 Pre K Registration Flyer

Contact the PREP Academy at Powell County to complete an application and to register for screening for the upcoming 2023-24 school year!

First page of the PDF file: 23-24PreKRegistrationFlyer_1